Well, the surgery yesterday for my sis in law was a complete success. The tumor was fully contained and there was no evidence of cancer any other place. They will need to wait for the lab results to confirm all of this, but the surgeon was very pleased with his findings. We praise God for this!

Last night’s Celebrate Recovery blessings was a tender and beautiful experience. There were so many people there I had to make a quick trip home and print out 7 more blessings. We had prepped for 50. It turned out to be one of the biggest nights we’ve ever had for our ministry. God was truly blessed and He passed His blessings on to everyone who came.

This morning I go to the last school I’ll work with before Christmas break sets in. Getting everything ready for the company to arrive next week so the celebration can be an easy experience needs to have some time devoted to it. Now, after this morning, I can do just that.

This morning’s scripture was Hebrews 12. This chapter focuses on Faith and reflects on the strength of this spiritual characteristic. It outlines for us the eventual rewards for those who had great Faith even though they had no idea about Christ. How fortunate we are to already have Jesus and His Holy Spirit within us helping us with our Faith. I give all praise to God for what He has done and is doing to bring His children to Him!

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