Last night in our choir practice our director said something which I needed to hear. She was talking about the difficulty of learning some musical pieces or parts to them. Our human nature wants to skip over the most difficult and play/sing the ones which are the most enjoyable. She said she disciplines herself to not give in to this flesh message, but to stay with the most difficult areas until they join the enjoyable areas. Then, and only then, can she feel free.

I recognize this type of discipline she was talking about. I have to use it in my areas of work often so others know that new learning can and is difficult at times, but well worth it if we don’t give up ahead of the victory found in mastering the lesson. It is in the music field that I still hear the voices of defeat however. My dad was vicious with his words when I sang and did well. So, when I struggle with a song’s rhythm, word memorizing, etc., I quickly want to quit because the voices scream in my head reminding me that I deserve this difficulty and will never overcome it. I know beyond a shadow of doubt where these voices originate, but in the midst of them I often walk away from the discipline rather than fight through it. I don’t talk about it either as it seems I am weak if I need to.

Well, hearing this message last night reminded me that even at 71, a new creation is to never stop facing the past when Satan is working. I know to surrender these voices to Christ, my Redeemer, and I will continue to do this. I love how God works giving us these gentle, but clear messages!

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