Yesterday’s entry ended with the statement that I love how God gives these gentle but clear messages. Well, it happened again this morning. I won’t go into the total story of yesterday, but will summarize enough of it to give meaning to what took place. Every winter following being away from the work of schools (even when I was directly employed by a school district) I’d return after Christmas break feeling/wondering what God was really doing with me. The disconnect the break would provide was an opportunity for those voices of past to question any effectiveness God would intend. My emotions would be questioning what I do/did, etc. This has not changed over the years.

This morning as I journaled I asked God to help me separate my emotions from His purpose so I won’t make any “emotional decisions” which would go against His Leadership in my life. I want His Spirit and mine to grow in our relationship. As I had my devotional reading and Bible reading they were directly addressing this very topic. God wants us to grow in our spirit’s maturity not letting the ups an downs of our emotions to regulate what we do. The message I sought became very clear. I can tell my emotions that voices may come, but my spirit knows the difference between God’s Voice of Leadership from the voice of evil and flesh. I choose to obey what I know is God’s Voice.

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