This morning as I began to journal I had a number of things I wanted Jesus to “just take care of”. Some of them were about family, some were about the schools, some about the ministry folks, and a couple were personal about myself. I wanted them “done”. As soon as I was writing them down I knew this was total selfishness for God doesn’t work in my timeline and I don’t want Him to either. His timing is always perfect and mine is always selfish–lacking God’s perfection.

After writing these items and then committing/surrendering them to Jesus, I saw my post-it note which has the word PRAISE on it. It was then that I began to Praise God for what He would be doing and is doing that I know nothing about at this point in time.

How quickly I forget this hugely important ingredient in my walking with Jesus and learning to respond to The Holy Spirit’s nudges. I want to Praise Them for what I don’t know–Trusting what I cannot yet see. This is truly a daily lesson for me learning to live as a new creation.

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