Last night was Celebrate Recovery and what a blessed night it was. From the start to the finish God was working and His Spirit was well known. A gentleman I’ve known for many years had come. He had talked to me the day before and I had invited him. I wasn’t sure he’d want to be seen by the group thinking some would know him. He said he didn’t care. He needed to come clean and let God do His Work in his life.

The lesson last night was MORAL. Simply stated, MORAL means being honest at all levels. This lesson was a perfect fit for all of us. It prompted wonderful, gut-level honesty in the share group which followed. I couldn’t have been more proud of the men in our group. The honesty which came forth was something only God can prompt a man to confess. One of the biggest concerns is denying self-discipline for the power to change allowing God/Christ to be the power to change. I believe all of us struggle with this. We are so wired to be strong in ourselves that surrendering this pride so God can be our strength is something I have to do many times a day.

Today is a new day and I start it with God in the lead. I want to keep it this way throughout my day. Thank you Father!

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