This morning as I started my journaling I took it upon myself to start by telling Jesus how much I needed Him to reveal something only He could reveal. In this winter month I find myself unable to get my hands into something worthwhile. Even though the work I do with schools and church is the same, I find myself wanting to do something in the dirt. I have my gardening magazines and catalogs, but that only inspires a moment. Well, in asking, I could never have fathomed the message He provided. My mind was filled with reminders of His Love and His Gratitude that we have this time every single day whether it is winter or spring or any other season. He walked me through the intricacies of His Spiritual Kingdom which man tries to put man’s science to when the Science of the universe is, in reality, the science of this Spiritual Kingdom for which we reside. The very seeds I plant in the garden seem dead, yet simply adding the ingredients required for them to ignite into growth makes that seed go from what seems dead to genuine life.

There is more to this story, but what Jesus was showing me was the ingredient to Spiritual Life today is adding Him to the spiritual seed of life in man. When we do so the seed of the new creation we are starts to grow. There are many, many weeds which can hinder this growth, but keeping ourselves equipped with the right tools, we can uproot those weeds.

Well, it is still January and my hands aren’t in the dirt of my garden, but Jesus did a marvelous job showing me the garden of Spiritual Life and my need to keep my hands busy in it whether the month is January or July.

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