The journey does continue as the title of this blog states and what happens each day within the journey is what is critical. Yesterday I started writing about my desire to get my hands into “dirt”. I did a little of that by planting the seeds for some of the vegetables I’ll put in the greenhouse in a few more weeks. More importantly, I put my mind/hands into what our Celebrate Recovery leadership is meeting about today–the soil of Spiritual Work.

The gentleman who took my place as ministry leader 3 years ago asked that I do some training today on goal setting for our ministry in the coming year. I do a lot of this with the schools/districts I consult so I thought that would be no problem. My devotional reading and Bible reading in the past couple of days were tremendous insights into this topic helping me shift from man’s thinking to God’s leading. When man sets goals for man’s work we often call them SMART goals. SMART is an acrostic with each letter having purpose towards a well written goal. What is completely left out in this process is the relevant focus that the goals God wants for us in life or ministry must be inspired by Him and lived out in Faith. What would be a smart goal in a spiritual realm would not be considered smart in man’s world because man doesn’t rely on faith as the foundation of his work like God’s Work does.

I’m looking forward to the conversation and the outcome of today’s meeting. God’s goals and how we fit into them is a personal matter and also a collective one when we are a team working in His Ministry. I look forward to watching and experiencing how this comes together. God always sheds His Light when it is time for the Light to be given.

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