When I’d finished my Bible reading yesterday I had ended the book of Revelation. I have ordered The Passion, which is a Bible translation for the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. It is written by the author of the devotional I’m now using. The bible hasn’t yet arrived so I was nudged to go back to I John and read through these three books. As I began this reading today I was reawakened to two truths about our Savior, Jesus Christ. First, He is Love. This Love of His has cleansed us from our sins and continues to do so as, and if, we step into sinfulness. When this happens we confess it and ask for forgiveness. Secondly, He is Light.

As we walk with Jesus once He becomes our Savior, we have this opportunity to make Him Lord. When we realize areas of our lives which haven’t been surrendered for Jesus’ control we can then surrender them making Him Lord of more and more of our everyday living. This is His Light working within us. Being a new creation at the point of Christ becoming my Savior has taken 60 years for me to finally awaken to what His Light has been exposing. There is so much I could put here as bullets of what has been exposed, but here are a few:

–My sins aren’t measured against my brother’s or my dad’s but against God’s definition.

–My brain is the home of most temptations and I can ask Jesus to cleanse it and bring His Light into those areas where I had/have no control in my own strength.

–The strength of a new creation is found in surrender and obedience. Surrender to Jesus and obey His nudges by walking away, closing my eyes to something, engaging in something else which is healthy, and so much more.

God’s Love and Light never quit working in and within us. How amazing He is and how fortunate I/we are that He gave us His Son and His Spirit!

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