The trip home was smooth and without any bumps other than a few from wind currents as we flew from Oakland to Boise. I talked with my sis last night and she said she’d cried most of the day. This breaks my heart. It only reinforces how lonely she is. Our week was like an oasis. How I pray God will provide new insights for her as His Holy Spirit surrounds her.

Early yesterday morning when I arose I had begun my devotions. When I came to the bible reading I found the chapter to be rather long and my time was running short needing to finish getting ready to head to the airport. It was odd, but God seemed to say–leave it until tomorrow. I did that and now that tomorrow has come I know why. It was chapter 13 in Matthew. In this chapter Jesus tells several parables which I’ve read many, many times; but never in the Passion Bible. There are a couple of the parables which talk about “precious jewels” or “filled with treasure”. I’ve always interpreted them to mean Jesus as the treasure. However, in this translation, I am the jewel/treasure Jesus found. It says that Jesus sold all He had in heaven to come and bring the “Good News” to you and me. We are the treasure He found. My cousin who heads the recovery program where I told my story last Friday night, said many complimentary things and added that I needed to believe them as true. I kept telling myself to let these compliments be received as such and to not deflect them as I’ve always done. Then this morning I read that I’m a treasure Jesus found. Good grief, what more does a man need to know than this?!

I’ve lived a long time wishing to be be accepted by my dad and finally simply giving up on it and trying to let it all go. This morning a much greater reality has come–My Heavenly Father calls me a treasure and I’m not going to deflect it–I’m receiving it! I’m praying any reader who struggles like I have will see this true also for you.

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