It doesn’t take long for the rug to be pulled out from under you–or at least the attempts to do so. God has abundantly been giving His Grace these past several days. Yesterday was a beautiful day with a church service and sermon which blessed everyone abundantly. As I went through the rest of the day I began to hear old messages over and over taunting me. Along with this I couldn’t dispel my grief for my two sisters who are struggling with their declining health. I knew I’d be returning to schools today and I just wasn’t ready to do this.

Early this morning I could no longer sleep so I got up to begin my devotions. There is nothing like time with God to re-anchor oneself. I’ve always been one to take problems around me and work to bring healthy solutions for them. This past week, seeing my sisters as they are, I’ve wanted to rescue them. This morning God has reminded me that He is their One True God, Father, Loving and Caring Friend. His Grace is sufficient for them just as it is for me. The gloom of yesterday began to lift as I gave all of this “desire to rescue” to God–He is the only One with a real plan.

God has work for me to do which doesn’t include stewing about what He is doing. Instead, God wants me trusting and believing. So, I may be sad about life at this moment, but knowing Who is really in charge makes me confident they will be OK in the end. How I love this God we serve!

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