My goal for this year, which I’ve written about a few times already, has been to keep Jesus’ leadership in the forefront of my day 24/7. Most days I log that I haven’t done so well with this. I just get lost in my own thinking and do what I think without checking in. As I journaled this morning to start my devotional time, I was processing this with Jesus. Making this goal for myself has awakened for me just how strong and willful my own spirit is. This is the root of selfishness. I want to have a moment just to do as I wish. This morning I was addressing this willfulness with Jesus. So, when I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, He said, “The Holy Spirit wants to join your spirit, be your spirit. At the same time Satan wants to be your spirit. Which will I choose? The Holy Spirit will complete you as God has always intended. Satan will make you think he’s completing you, but the motivation behind it will always lead to ‘incomplete’ along with dissatisfaction and sadness.”

Then, after journaling all of this, I opened my devotional I’m using this year to read, “The table of fellowship has been prepared. Come, dine with me and enter into a great joy–the joy of communion with the Holy Spirit. The highest joy and most profitable path will be found by living in my Spirit….”

All I could say was, “Jesus, YOU are AMAZING! This is my one true desire.

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