Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday I began describing what setting my personal goal this year has awakened in me. My message has been to realize the selfishness of the flesh and in turn, begin to understand how the Holy Spirit wants to replace this selfishness with His Unselfishness if I will turn it over to Him.

As I continued through the day yesterday I also had pointed out to me that my measuring rod for my selfishness had been my dad and my brother. Becoming a new creation in my own belief system has disallowed me from using my dad and brother. My measuring rod has begun to be Jesus Christ Himself. All of a sudden in so doing this I’ve seen a very selfish me. The hope Jesus Christ gives is so much greater than simply living better than dad. He wants me to know I can live in His Peace and Freedom with my total surrender. I know this is still a lifetime work, but I am much more awake to the work at hand. My work is the surrender of my will while I listen and know The Holy Spirit’s nudges and respond accordingly.

All of this gives new meaning to PRAISE. I can praise Him for His faithfulness during all of the years it has taken for me to awaken. I can and do praise Him for His leadership in every detail of my personal life as well as my work and social life. He is FAITHFUL to the end. Hallelujah!

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