Each day starts of late with a grateful focus on who Jesus Christ is and what He is doing. Even in the midst of storms the Light of Jesus is shining if we only remember to look to Him ahead of stepping into the storm.

Today is a day of meetings, none of which relate to the schools or districts for which I consult. The first one will be addressing what I may be doing instead of working with schools in the coming year. The second deals with a troubled teen and their schooling, the next is medical and lastly, a troubled adult who is unintentionally troubling other adults. All of these got lined up into today simply because they were brought up by different ones and as God only can do– He put the schedule together so that when each called, their best time to meet fit perfectly around the other ones. I could hardly believe how well this was done until I remembered that God is the Master of detail so why should I be amazed?

Some of these meetings have a good deal of emotional intensity tied to them. As I read my devotional this morning I read the following: “I release a power greater than any force known to man when you praise me. You can’t imagine the power that gratitude can have in your life. I will free you when you give me thanks. The more satisfied you are with me, the more satisfied you will be in all areas of your life.” This was a powerful reminder to praise God now for He not only put these meetings together, but He has already begun the work of addressing them. Boy, do I love Him for this and PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!

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