Yesterday’s meetings were not only enlightening, but they were also ones which shed Light for stepping into the days ahead. The first one started with the church meeting. About a week ago I was asked by one of the pastors if I would consider giving up my work with schools to do lay counseling for our church? This request blessed my heart, but literally took my breath away. He said this idea had originated from a conversation between himself and our church administrator. After a few days of processing I had requested to meet with the two of them which was yesterday. The meeting shed light to the larger purpose behind the request. The church would like to offer a counseling opportunity and would I be willing to invest my energy into developing this. So, I am going to a conference the end of April where this can be defined by those already doing it. I can get my own training for lay counseling but also give administrative direction for the project’s development.

How I love our God. What a privilege we have to serve Him, but more than anything, what an honor it is to have God’s Own Holy Spirit dwelling within us waiting patiently for us to listen and respond to Him. What a humble honor we have as believers.

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