During the time in-between being asked to consider giving up the consulting in order to work with lay counseling (all of which I wrote about yesterday) I went to see my prayer warrior, Lois. As I told her about this opportunity I dropped my head and cried. She said, “And, you don’t feel worthy of this, right?” My response was, “I know I’m suppose to know this, but the old voices are screaming.” It was then that she broke into prayer praising God for His Goodness and Light and then casting out the lies of Satan which originate from days gone by. Thursday was my day to talk with the two men from church. Later that day I had a card in the mail from Lois. It started, “Yes, I’m sending a special ‘hug’ from the Lord today and scriptures that identify you! These tell the way ‘I’ see you and I know this is the way God sees you!” The scriptures were from two translations of I Peter 2:9 stating: “You are God’s Chosen Treasure” and “You are God’s Special Possession”. The other was from Matthew 5:14 stating: “Your life lights up the world.”

I am so grateful for the support God provides! The lights are all green as I take steps into this new area. Just yesterday after writing the blog I was able to get much more info regarding how to structure such a work as this. I also was given the contact for a church which has this work going so I can work with them and maybe visit them as time moves forward. How good God is and how fun it is to be part of God’s Kingdom Work!

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