Today, during the second worship hour at church, the 7 men who participated in the Mending the Soul class which ended last December, are gathering. We are going to talk through what God has been doing in our lives since we had met last and what stumbling blocks are we presently dealing with. I had told the guys when we finished this would be an option if anyone wanted to meet at a future time. One of the guys had contacted me wanting this to take place and today is our day.

It has been a reflective time for me just thinking about what God has done in my own life. The one which looms ahead of all others is the magnitude of God’s love and power. I have never read through the bible and a devotional and had it speak to me about God and me. I’ve always strongly believed in the power of God for others, but for me? Today, and each day, when I have my devotional time I am able to process what I’ve read without hinderance or walls of disbelief. The voice of Satan tries hard to remind me of my past, but God is doing a miraculous work removing the power of those lies. Most often when they come I am reminded of what God is doing rather than what I’d wished God had done. This has been huge for me! This morning I wrote in my journal that God is now my barometer for living. I hadn’t ever known how much I used dad and my brother for this barometer. I’m no longer bound by their lives. Praise the Lord!

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