Well, the meeting with the men from Mending the Soul took place and it was such a blessing. Only 3 of the men ended up coming, but, I leave these things to God. The ones present truly had a meaningful conversation. It quickly became obvious that God has maintained His work in the lives of the ones present. They are likewise continuing their work to heal listening and obeying God. The “work” that man needs to do looks like talking about their past to “those they trust”. That group of trusted people has grown significantly too. The one gentleman who had never opened up before the class and has a horrific childhood story, is now allowing others to use his story to help others struggling from their own past. The emotional energy which had engulfed him, paralyzed him into silence, is now turning into energy to help others. I just smile as I write this knowing how much truth there is in this from my own past and so many others.

Our God is so AMAZING!

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