Every year on this day I have a little celebration in my heart that winter is over and spring has come. It’s only the first day of spring for me knowing the actual one is later in the month, but this month holds the day so I start rejoicing today!

As I continue to address the idea of doing lay counseling I find many steps which need to be taken. Simply completing the application for acceptance into the classes is no small matter. But, this morning something hit me which I had to step back and ponder a moment. In the world of educational consulting which I’ve done now for 15 years, I’ve used my educational background as my resources. Stepping into this new area will mean using my entire life. Educational consulting is safe–I’ve been called a success here by man. This new territory is one where God is called the success and I become a messenger of this. I’ve heard the voices within me calling me failure, weakness, sadness, regret and disappointment, and yet God wants to use it so others can find the LIGHT which changes this message into FREEDOM! I don’t carry a torch of light from man’s world, but a torch of LIGHT from GOD’s KINGDOM. It’s a little overwhelming at the moment, but I’m trusting God for He is the only One where I want to place my trust.

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