As I had finished writing yesterday’s blog I prayed and said to God that maybe I needed to talk to someone about my worries/voices of incompetence, etc. I had gone outside to pray this and when I returned inside my cell phone rang. It was my younger brother calling about coming over to help me with a couple projects at our home I was unable to do. He said this morning would work well for him to do this. In my head I yelled to God–“Not Ron, he’s the last person I’d want to talk about this with. Sometimes it is his voice I hear in my head!” Yet, I knew better than to question God so I said that would be great. We needed to run into town and get what he needed to fix the problems. In so doing, he began to tell me about the things one of our older brothers would say to him. Cutting remarks which stung him. I felt the door opening so I then brought up the voices I’ve been hearing and what those voices said. He then said some things to me which I could hardly believe were coming from him. He told that what was said to me last Saturday when we were all together were true. God had put this counseling offer together and I was the right one to do it. He then said, “The good thing about you is that you don’t hold inside what needs to be told. No matter how difficult the message is you will tell it to others so they will tell you their own trouble. Most of us would never admit this.”

There was more to this, but this is the heart of it. God is simply so GOOD! What I was needing to hear not only was said to me, but it was said by the very person God knew I needed to hear it from so I would then believe it. Later in the afternoon a friend called who wanted to know more about this counseling venture. I was able to tell them all about the day. It was uplifting and confirming. How GOOD our GOD IS!

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