Today is my dear sis Bonnie’s birthday. Our niece who lives close to her is taking her to see our older sis and then to lunch. It will be a nice day for her. She is such a cheerleader and always has been for me. I love her dearly and thank God for gifting this brother with her.

Yesterday was just a nice day being able to get everything planted in the garden I wanted. It was fun to run the rototiller for the first time in the season! Days like this are a wonderful gift from God. Yes, my muscles ache, but it is a good ache!

Today I’m meeting my sponsor for lunch. He and his wife moved closer to Boise a year ago and so we don’t see one another nearly as often. I haven’t told him about this new venture. I’ve wanted to do it face to face. He only knows I’ve had some troubling days but today we get to see one another so I can tell him all of this. In many ways it is a praise, yet I want him to be praying as he knows all of my shortcomings. God is so GOOD!

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