I love how God works and what a privilege it is to get to work with Him! My talk yesterday with my sponsor was a treat. It was good to see him face to face. After I told him what I wanted to share, he asked how I felt about it? I told him I struggled with the fact that I have all of the shortcomings he knows about. His response caught me off-guard. He said, “Do you know of any counselor who isn’t human with their own shortcomings?” It is funny how one can stew and stew about all of these things and then a simple statement from someone will completely wipe all of the “stew” away!

I have not known how much I limit my trust in God until this venture came into my life. God keeps challenging me to believe and trust. I keep journaling every morning how much I want to fully do this and then I find myself “stewing” again over something connected to it. God is wanting me to grow as this new creation He has made me to be through His Son Jesus. I sure don’t want to disappoint Him!

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