The book of John in our bible truly is one which takes Jesus to a level of relationship for me that is different than the other three gospels. When I wrote yesterday about knowing vs believing, when it comes to Jesus, all of this is centered around the relationship I didn’t have with Jesus when I only knew Him. All of my years I wanted Jesus to perform a miracle in my life that if done would have stopped His very purpose for me. I thought I didn’t matter to God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit because they would never take away the torment of my past by removing all of its memory and curses. Now that I have truly begun to understand the foundation of being a new creation, I TRUST Jesus to use this past for His Glory and in so doing I find a joy I would have never known otherwise. Instead of torment from sharing it I see a Light for others who are in their own darkness.

Knowing is very important, but believing is what builds the relationship. God said He created me in His own image. Jesus said I was to love my neighbor as myself. I knew these two rich facts but I didn’t believe them to be true for me. Today, I not only believe these to be true, but the evidence of it brings such Joy. God is so GOOD, Patient and Kind!

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