As this journey continues I’m now beginning to understand a good deal more about spirit-living. In John 3, Jesus is approached by Nicodemus. Everything he asked Jesus came from the understanding of his mind. Jesus response to each question came from the Spirit. Being born again was accepted by faith in Jesus Christ, not understood from the world of man’s thinking/reasoning. So much of my behaviors towards my own personal relationship with Jesus has come from my own fears and understanding/reasoning rather than from my faith and trust. As I am learning to live each day as a new creation, Jesus, The Great Teacher, is teaching me to separate my thinking from my trust. I need to let go of my old thinking patterns. I simply cannot walk into each day and live each moment of the day with only understanding. However, I can walk into each day and live each moment of the day trusting Jesus and His Holy Spirit within me. My devotional said this morning that living each day in obedience to God’s Spirit within us brings continuous Joy even when there is chaos around us.

Satan wants to continuously torment me with “reasons why” I should not be taking these next steps into biblical counseling. My mind and emotions want to respond to him in agreement. However, my spirit knows beyond all doubt that I am to remain obedient to God’s Spirit’s nudges taking each day as it comes and being joyful in them. It is then that I am at “peace in the storm”.

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