It is quite early in the morning as I write this entry. I’m headed to the airport in 30 minutes for my monthly trip to Montana. I only have one more of these bringing that contract to an end. I enjoy the people in this district and I know God wanted me to do this. Today, as I began to journal I was telling Jesus how much I needed Him and His Strength to keep me strong. The evening times can be a can of worms for temptation. I’ve already told my sponsor to stay in touch and I will with him. Most of all I simply need to keep my eyes on Jesus knowing He is the anchor of my soul.

When I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, He said in part, “…I Am here–right here every step of the way. You are Mine!” As I finished journaling I opened the devotional to read today’s entry. This is how it started. “Beloved one, I have chosen you to be mine, to be close to me. Have you grown weary with your journey? I will encourage you. I will be a Father to you, seeker of my heart….” Isn’t it just like Jesus to reinforce His Message so we truly get it! I love our Savior and Lord!

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