All of my life I’ve been afraid of the “time” when someone actually sees through me and identifies the sinner I am. It would be then that I would have to quit being an educator. They would know my past disallows me from doing what I love to do. The irony of this fear is that God has taken this past and made it my reason for living each day.

This morning’s devotional time has been powerful once again. My devotional said, “It is time for the highest praises to fill your heart. Sing your songs of devotion. Let your worship rise before me. Do not be afraid to completely surrender. Allow me to break open your soul so that my presence floods in. For when you yield your all to me, I will unveil your true identity. Access to my presence has been granted, so that you will know me, discover who I’ve created you to be and carry my glory to the ends of the earth.”

I’ve longed for my identity to be hidden so I could be a good educator/administrator. Today I see finally that the new creation God made me to be has an identity of its own and God will define it as I surrender fully to His leading in my life each and every day of it. How I love and adore Him for His patience with me as I learn total obedience.

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