Today is my middle daughter’s birthday. What a gift she is! She is one who walks the straight and narrow and is a glowing example for others who want to do the same. God is gracious to all who have the privilege of knowing her and calling her friend.

As I was journaling this morning I was telling Jesus about this hole within me. It is the hole of insecurity which seems enormous at the moment. I can call it that today. I’ve recognized it happening in my life a few other times. As I thought back I could pinpoint these: starting college, starting my teaching career, becoming a principal at the same time my divorce took place, going abroad to teach, retiring to do consulting. Now 15 years later, I’m experiencing this huge sense of insecurity again. However, when I wrote this out I instantly was reminded of yesterday’s message from Jesus–obedience with belief. All these other times I was obedient but my belief was questioning all the while until I got far enough into the work to know I was where God wanted me. This morning’s lesson for me was to believe today that I don’t need to question or doubt. My security doesn’t come from the world around me, but from the assurance that God’s Holy Spirit is within me guiding each and every step. I thank God for this reminder and this anchor He provides.

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