It was such a privilege to get to be part of the cheering section for my granddaughter’s graduation yesterday evening. She is part of a huge class of seniors with something like 750 students in the class. She was chosen to sing the national anthem for the ceremony. She does have a magnificent voice! Grandpa is very proud.

The last two days have been major yardwork days helping my daughter with the remake of flower beds both redesigning and planting. Some major mowing needed to be done but almost all of it is now done. Today will finish a few more details. The neighbor walked over and said that the graduate should be out helping since all of this work is being done in her honor. My daughter assured her that the timing of this work being done at graduation only coincided with our trip. All of this work is being done only because of her–she loves yardwork just like I do and was waiting for our arrival to do it.

God is continuously good–what more can I say!

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