I have finished my devotions this morning and am now ready to write today’s blog entry. Not very often do I ponder what to write, however, today I do. Do I tell about yesterday’s last meeting with the consultants I’ve worked with the past 15 years? Do I write about Celebrate Recovery last night? Do I write about the devotional’s message this morning which seemed to be written simply for me? Or, do I write about my thinking that I am much freer next week so I don’t need to use a calendar to schedule my days only to find that I’ve already double booked a time because I didn’t bother to look?

What I do know is that I’ve loved reaching the days of summer so I can be free of schedules for a moment in time. Yet, the very moment I get there I stumble into what has happened already. I’ve always looked at a scheduling calendar as a burden rather than a gift. I like carrying a schedule in my head, but over and over I lose track of something when I resort to this “fleshly pride”. I’m going to work on seeing my calendar as a gift so I actually know and can live more confidently. I’ve lived a long time, but there’s always room for the next lesson!

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