I awoke very early this morning with a strong sense of anxiety. I thought through the things of yesterday and today to check for triggers for it. Nothing came to mind. I began to pray that if this is just Satan playing tricks with my emotions that I would simply go back to sleep. The next thing I knew it was time to get up. Only in my recent years have I been able to admit the amount of anxiety I contend with. I might have mentioned it in times past but at the same time I’d laugh it off as those it was simply a little torment rather than a mountain I couldn’t climb.

Stepping into this new area of “ministry” does have my mind and emotions playing all sorts of things. Deep within I know beyond any shadow of doubt that God has placed this here. I’ve never been in touch with my own emotions and the effects of them on my day to day living. as I am now. So, rather than stuffing them as in times past, I am learning to respect them as me and surrender them. I’m not going to be making decisions based on them. I find they are within me and they are triggered by all kinds of stimuli which only now do I begin to see.

God is so amazing! I want only to grow more and more into the complete new creation He has always intended for me.

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