Yesterday’s graduation for my grandson was a time to cherish. I had forgotten that this would be his high school’s first graduating class. It is a new charter Jr/Sr High School so Hayden’s class was first to graduate. A group of about 80 students. The facility used to host the graduation held 1500 people and there was standing room only. It seemed every parent, grandparent, friend and relative was present. The people sitting behind me asked if I remembered them? They had been students of mine 40 years ago. Yes, I remembered them. I was a very proud grandpa. The graduation party will be at our home tomorrow afternoon. I’m doing my “getting the yard ready” today.

I’ve written the past two mornings about my rummy mind. Today it is clear and I have this sense of urgency to get every detail of the counseling program in order! My emotions remind me of starting every school year and what I felt each late summer as I’d head to the office. I know God is wanting me to take a look at this characteristic to find His Spirit’s leadership. I truly want to take each step in God’s timing and not from my emotional state. I don’t think this sense is necessarily wrong, but I do know for sure that it is wrong if I don’t bring each step before God to anchor it in God’s Light/Wisdom. This level of patience with a project is new for me but I know it is the right lesson God wants me learning at this time in my life. I humbly thank God for this opportunity to begin a work for Him as a new creation. Wow, this is AMAZING!

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