Today is my grandson’s graduation party at our home. As I began to journal in starting my devotions, I knew I was a little anxious that all the details making his party special were in place. Then, I asked my question of Jesus wanting to know what He wanted me to see for today–His instant response was to look beyond silly details so I could see the rewards of the day. Enjoying the ones who come to celebrate Hayden is the biggest priority of the day. It is so easy to lose sight of this. Then, as I opened my devotional, the title for today was: “Take a Vacation from Worry Today”. My word, God is the God of infinite detail and He wants me to recognize this and simply do my part allowing me to also enjoy the purpose of today. How often I forget this.

The second thing I noticed from today’s devotions was brought out from my reading in I Corinthians 3, which had a subheading: “A Call to Spiritual Maturity”. Paul is calling the believers of Corinth to accountability for the factions they had dividing them. Our Celebrate Recovery group is always looking for leadership help. One of the first things we know to look for is sobriety in at least one area of one’s life. My own was the commitment to keep my need for recovery from my past’s hurts in front of me and not jumping into “denial” as soon as I walked away from the CR meeting. The next big important piece for leadership is seeing oneself as a part of a bigger whole rather than seeing oneself only. Paul was helping the Corinthians notice how their factions were dividing them. God wants us working together appreciating one another’s strengths and working with them. As I read all of this I thought this is a good next training for our group. We always need to become more mature in our walk with Christ and His Spirit within us.

God’s lessons for living each day are ever before us and even within us as we awaken more and more to His Spirit living within. I love this reality!

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