Today my youngest daughter turns a year older. Little did I know when God gave us this gift what lessons He wanted me to learn from her. She has always seen the world through a different lens than myself and what I had thought was important, well, it was only important to folks who agreed that it was important. She doesn’t stress over what I’d stress and yet she stresses over what I would not. In all of this we have loved one another and I have thanked God a thousand+ times for this GIFT she has been.

There is much God has been wanting me to learn of late. The most recent lesson centers around what a new creation looks like who is maturing in Faith, Trust and Hope. I have been seeing so many times where I will say I’ve given this or that to God, but in reality, I have just let it go and quit caring about it. God is bringing to mind the importance of living in Faith–Believing that even when I see nothing developing, He is actively working. It is like a seed has been planted in me and it’s starting to take root. I’m now starting to better understand my role in always believing and work much more on my doubting.

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