I know I’m into summer routine when each day has a good deal of similarity to any other day. The month of July has always been the month when I didn’t need to keep track of days. Little is done in the educational world during this month. Most try to use it for their vacations and unwinding. For me, I’d love using the time for gardening and yard work in the early mornings and by noontime I’d be ready to enjoy a book and take a quick nap. Today, having retired from the educational pattern of my life, I still do the early morning yard and garden work and work in a lesson for the counseling program. One cannot do a good job of biblical counseling if one is not grounded in theology. I’m finding that the class is almost all theology. It’s somewhat amazing to me to have read the bible through well over 30 times in my lifetime only to find that now I’m seeing so many ways it applies to my everyday living and helping others to do the same.

God never stops teaching and leading us. He is such a good Father!

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