The word transform is something that living for Jesus will eventually do for us if what we are doing is truly “living for Jesus”. I have lived most of my life “knowing” scripture and living for Jesus by “doing” things for him. I have always been committed to the church and to serving others through the church. However, God is bringing forth the depth of meaning to transform as I move forward in living as a “new creation”.

My devotional this morning brings what I am writing about to this Light. It says: “…As you keep your heart before me, allowing me to purify you, you will see change happen that you cannot orchestrate yourself. When you walk in wholeness, you’re able to love with perfect love–love that expects nothing in return, love that loves without any agenda. Don’t rehearse the problems of others, but come in humility, so I can change you. Set love as a torch that burns in your heart, and you will see the restoration of all things.” This is written from Luke 6:41-42.

This weekend I’m intending to see a couple of men who are needing help. I have had a mental agenda in mind when I am with each one, but this message reminded me to do my part by showing up and letting God’s agenda be what takes place. My part is to go and let God’s agenda complete itself once I’m there. His Spirit within me will help me discern what I’m to do while there. I cripple God’s agenda when I go expecting to fulfill my own. God wants me looking like Jesus and not looking like Earnie.

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