Yesterday’s blog entry told an immense message about transform. God will transform us into Christ’s image if we will listen and obey Him once Christ lives within us and we have The Holy Spirit. I KNOW this well, but living it out seems so little at this point in my life. I went to the men’s shelter in Boise yesterday with some clothing and other things the one man I was writing about yesterday wanted. I called his father first to make sure he was ok with me coming for them. All of these things were strewn throughout a battered, rusted, rundown pickup which doesn’t run and is parked in the father’s yard. The father will no longer support him due to so many, many times of being burned by his son.

The shelter is a beautiful facility. I knew it was quite new replacing the original one. What I hadn’t anticipated was the sight of scores of men aimlessly walking around with the look of hopelessness. Men who look like they are are 20+ years older than their bodies.

I was journaling about this to Jesus. He reminded me that I am about to be exposed to much more than the results of alcoholism and drug abuse as I start this counseling venture. If I only keep my eyes on man and his problems I will quickly be overcome. His message was to always be looking up to Him and listening carefully to Him helping the one before me to look up with me as best as they can at the time. Jesus is always there waiting to be found. Knowing how to look up is only a first step.

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