As I began my devotional time this morning my mind went immediately to the things I need to get done today. I even grabbed a piece of paper so I could write them down and not forget as the day progressed. I have always been this way, but as this day started and I had written the list, I was challenged by Jesus when I asked my daily question: “What do you want me to know from you for today?” He reminded me that my value was not determined by the tasks I complete in a day. All of my life I’ve been driven “to do”. What Jesus is wanting me to know is that a “new creation” understands that he is already valuable to his DAD–Yahweh.

What really hit me was that at the end of the day I don’t need to ask my Heavenly Father if I am loved for what I did today? I don’t actually ask Him that. What I do however, is wonder in my mind and emotions if I have done enough to please my Father. God is wanting me to give this lie to Him once and for all. This new creation doesn’t need to ponder this any longer. The new truth needs to take root–My Father already loves me! Thank You Jesus for modeling your understanding of love and Your Dad. Somehow, Jesus knew this about His Heavenly Father. He knew Him well enough to obey Him all the way to the Cross. This same Father is mine–ours.

Jesus was crucified for all of us. I only need to crucify all the lies I’ve believed along with pride, wrongly thinking those lies gave value. I can freely surrender these seeing much more clearly today.

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