As I was reading in my bible this morning–The Passion, I came across a passage that froze me in place. It was the concluding part of II Corinthians 12:10. It reads, “…for my weakness becomes a portal to God’s Power.” In my entire life I’ve never read anything or heard anything that made me want to say, WHAT???!!! like this did. Yet, as soon as I thought about it I knew there was a truth here God has been trying to teach me for quite sometime. I think it is right on track with His leading me into living as a new creation.

I know that when I am strongly tempted I am to surrender it and ask for The Holy Spirit’s help. Yet, something changes dramatically for me when I see temptation as a direct route to The Holy Spirit–a portal. I also know from James 5:16 that I am to confess these times of temptation to someone I trust. So I stand at the portal (temptation) confess it to a trusted friend and it is then I am in the presence of The Holy Spirit and His Power. Satan and his minions cannot be in this Presence. I literally can see this in my mind. I’ve never had such clarity for this.

If I were a kid I would think I just had an object lesson from my Sunday School teacher. Yet, this was my object lesson from God’s Word itself. I am AMAZED!

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