I sit at my computer this morning wondering if I should write more about yesterday’s blog? I have to confess that what I’d written about the portal stayed with me the entire day and is still with me this morning. I wanted the portal to give direct access to the Power of God–The Holy Spirit so that in so doing, the temptation would be destroyed and done away with. However, God doesn’t deliver His Power in the same way power is delivered in the hero movies I sometimes like to watch. God’s Power is usually engaged by the use of the choice He gave me at creation.

Choice has an abundant amount of power within it. When I am tempted, will I choose to walk away from it and occupy myself in something else? Will I call or text my sponsor? Will I surrender it knowing it will lead to sin if I don’t? I write all of this because when I stand at the portal where I have access to God’s Almighty Power, I must choose to do my part. Will I let go?

Beginning to be a new creation shows steps I have always wanted to take yet found myself weak at times in so doing. Opening my hands to let go or walking away from something is my choice at the portal. My part? I give it over to you Jesus so Your Promised Gift can now do His part. I love you for this Jesus!

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