Last night was our monthly Celebrate Recovery leadership meeting. I serve as the co-Trainer for our team. Because of the impact “portal” has had on me these past couple of days, I put together a lesson study for us to process through in the meeting. I was deeply impressed with the conversation and gleaned a good deal from it.

There were 12 people present and not a one of them was without something for which they struggle–(I’m not alone with my struggle). Secondly, everyone had information about what to do at the portal, but, putting what I know into practice? This was the second struggle. Many of these struggles are things one “wants to do”. I found that sleeping in instead of getting up to have devotions was one of these struggles brought to the table last night. Every time/everyday, it is a choice.

Something I felt God made clear for me in this conversation was that I was not the one who was to step through the portal. I am the one with the struggle/temptation, but it is my choice to invite The Holy Spirit to step through the portal which will then bring LIGHT into the approaching darkness. This step of invitation is what a maturing “new creation” takes or is learning to take.

I think the most thoughtful lesson I’ve learned from these past few days is found in I Corinthians 10:13. In this scripture Paul points out that there is no temptation which is not common to man. I have always felt my temptation/s was hugely uncommon to man, but in these past few days, and the conversation of last night, I find the truth of this scripture. All that I struggle with and have struggled with is common. Satan has wanted me to believe his lies. God is even more determined that I will not only know His Truth, but I will also believe it is for me. Today, I know and believe. How humbling and praiseworthy this is!

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