Today something which should have been understood a long time ago in my life finally became clear. As I began the book of Galatians this morning the first chapter’s footnotes (Passion bible) point out that the writer’s name–Paul means “little”. Before Paul’s conversion his name was Saul which means “significant one”. The translator gives a brief application of his name change to his life becoming significant to God’s Kingdom Work rather than the original significant work Saul was doing for man. I might have heard this name meaning before, but this time it really stood out to me.

As I was processing this while reading I was thinking how long I lived trying to be significant to God attempting to earn his approval just as Saul was doing. Little, at the time, did I understand the approval I was seeking was from my earthly father and, in reality, my own. Having been led to believe I was a disappointment in so many ways as a child I was on a trek to become “valuable” only to now know this was all a work of Satan’s manipulation and lies.

This morning I could take time to thank God for helping me quit fighting a fight that had been won so long ago! It’s God’s purpose for us to understand being “little” in man’s eyes is good, so that God can be seen and known from whatever we do for and with Him. One more great lesson to learn!

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