Yesterday was a wonderful day if I were to interpret it. I got done everything I was wanting to do and a couple more things I’d hoped to get done. Last night some friends were here for dinner which we hadn’t been able to connect with for a while so the day ended nicely with them.

This morning’s Bible reading in Galatians 2 brings to clarity that our value to God is based solely on our acceptance of His Son Jesus into our heart and lives. The works of man no longer determine our value to God. I need to read this every day. I am one of those people who personally needs to complete worthwhile “work” (work I feel is important to get done) in order to feel I am valuable. I use to think these feelings were from God but I’m awake now realizing they are simply my flesh. I know there are many folks who find no pleasure in completing tasks in order to feel valuable. God doesn’t measure our value to Him on either side of this.

I am a new creation with full value to God because of my acceptance of Jesus into my heart. I am growing as a new creation as I follow closely Christ’s leadership in my life through His Gift of The Holy Spirit. I know this and I want this to be lived out in my life each and every day. Praise be to God my Abba Father.

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