For most of my life I’ve worked to stop old habits so I wouldn’t be sinning and instead I’d be a good believer. Starting to live believing I am a new creation is bringing about a new focus. I’ve needed to start new habits which began with daily believing I’m a new creation. Since the start of this year there have been other new habits I’ve needed to address. The book of James brought to light one of these this morning. It says in James 4:17, “So if you know of an opportunity to do the right thing today, yet you refrain from doing it, you’re guilty of sin.”

This scripture hit home. There are many times I sense the nudge of The Holy Spirit and I set it aside thinking “now isn’t the right time” as though I’m a better judge of the right time. Reading this verse this morning hit home because God is wanting me to learn to respond to Him when He nudges, not when I feel like it. This is truly my lesson for today and for the many days to come so I learn to respond when the nudge hits.

My pride and selfishness are forever going to be in the way of God’s Kingdom work if I let it. I sure don’t want this to be the case! I want someday to hear, “Good and faithful servant.”

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