It is hard to believe that the actual 9-11 was 21 years ago today. I well remember the horror and disbelief of this day as it unfolded before us. I not only pray that we honor this day well, but we learn from it what God would want a nation and world to know. HE alone is the answer to the sins of man. How far we have drifted from this anchor.

I awoke quite early this morning and knew it was one of those days when I should just get up. I wasn’t going back to sleep. As I sat down to begin my devotional time I had the same sense of doom I’ve had the past few days. It was a little startling to me as I began to journal that Jesus wanted me to listen to Him right off the bat. His message was simple–remember to surrender what isn’t yours to deal with and instead, TRUST. When these days hit me, I know they are attached to events for me which I don’t have settled well within me. I usually bring these to Jesus during my devotional time so I can face the day in a good state of mind. In other words, I surrender them but forget the important part about trusting.

Christ is not done helping me learn what living as a new creation is all about. Today’s devotional title was: Resist Worry and Choose Peace. I swear I don’t read these titles ahead of time so I get up ready to be ministered to! God knows all and I am so grateful He is already prepared to shed needed Light. Boy, do I love our Father God!

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