Today would have been my parents 95th wedding anniversary. I write this and think, I am really getting old!

As I journey through the belief (truth) that I am a new creation, I am being made more and more aware of God’s Holy Spirit’s role in my life. I have purchased a couple of books on The Holy Spirit and the authors’ write specifically about our need to surrender all. All doesn’t mean “in general” surrender all, it means specifically–surrender all. Our bodies were created in the image of God. Our original design was wholly filled with God’s Presence. When sin entered the picture, all of a sudden we became overly aware of our flesh. Well, in surrendering all, I am finding the importance of surrendering each aspect of my flesh.

It has taken a long time for me to surrender all of the lies my body stored about my worth to God. These were largely stored in my mind. This morning The Holy Spirit had me walk through my body from toes to head and committing all of them to Him for His cleansing and use. I found myself realizing how much “some of them” were still considered “dirty” in my mind, until I surrendered them to The Holy Spirit for His cleansing and use.

When God makes us new, He is talking about all of me, each and every part of me. These realities are so very precious and reflect so well the loving Grace God has given to each of us.

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