There is something about coming from a large family–every other day there is a birthday, anniversary, or something. Today is my oldest living brother’s birthday. Several years ago my grandson who at the time was 3, saw this brother and said to me, “Grandpa, that man over there looks just like you!” He hadn’t met Uncle Herb until that day. Now all these years later, we still look alike, just older look alike! Happy birthday Herb!

Each day of late God has been guiding me into a more surrendered life. There can be nothing held back. Oh, there can be things held back, but if so, they will be brought into the Light and then, well, you’ll have to face the reality that it needs to be surrendered too. The wonderful part of this journey is that God’s Grace is always present. His mercy towards us gives us opportunity to “want to surrender” rather than “have to surrender”. When faith and trust grow in Jesus Christ, Father God and The Holy Spirit, one reaches a point where the old “have to do this” dies. The desires become the “want to do this” because Christ’s Holy Spirit is nudging you to do so.

I’m still learning all of this and the love for God only grows as I do continue to surrender.

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