This year, as I’ve written many times, has been focused on my understanding of what being a new creation is all about. Knowing it and believing/understanding this are two very different levels. It is easy to know, understanding to the point of believing is at a much deeper level. Today, God is making another point very clear. A new creation may question what God is doing, but the questions do not stop the action God is wanting one to take.

As I began the training class for biblical counseling last May, I at the same time asked the retired, licensed counselor to assist me. Early June we started counseling with 3 different people who I knew wanted counseling but didn’t have the insurance to address the cost. This service would be free. I would be able to observe the counseling taking place for my own learning. This has been such a tremendous help too. The down side of it for me personally is that I began to see how beneficial the counseling was from a pro. The voices in my head were saying, “give all of the counseling needs to the ones who can actually help. A novice like you will only be a hindrance.” We now have two retired counselors working with me and they are doing most of the counseling.

There are new requests coming in and my first action is to think which one of the two is best for the need. This morning God asked me why I was removing myself from the team? I had to admit my fear and see my lack of trust. In biblical counseling one learns that you are the messenger of God’s wisdom and work. He is the Great Healer, not man. Trusting God to do His Work through you is foundational.

What I wanted to be a model for learning was becoming my scapegoat. I will act differently now that I’m awake to my flesh. I never want to be a hindrance to God’s Kingdom Work. I have surrendered my fear and am acting on trust as today begins.

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