After yesterday’s devotional time and my awakening to a new area of growth I need to face, I went to see my prayer warrior. She and I talked in depth about confessing my fear and replacing it with Trust. I was reminded of the 3-R’s: Recognize, Reject and Replace. I was then reminded of the 3-S’s which are what I began to replace the lies with: Self-love, Self-appreciation and Self-confidence. If I know that God has placed me this ministry I am to believe. I can trust myself to be used of God because He will be the One providing the message/s needing to be heard and responded to as I yield completely to Him and Trust.

I am into the beginning of this ministry where the rubber hits the road. All of this has brought me back to many different times in my educational career when I took steps into newness and as I got to this point I would do just as I am now–panic. However, this time I recognize it and will take the steps to move forward.

I have set the meeting for this morning with one of the couples who contacted me. I am walking into this first session trusting. Yes, my fears are right at the surface, but I’m not giving them any ground to take root. It is the seed of trust I want to grow and honor God in doing so.

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