It is amazing to me how different my journey is today from when I wrote my autobiography a little over 7 years ago. The last section of the book is called, Finding Freedom. At that point in my walk with God, I was finding freedom. However, I was still in the searching stage of it and not living in freedom. Today, working through the belief that I am a new creation, has put living in freedom at the forefront of everything I do. It is as though The Holy Spirit is working His way into every aspect of my daily living. Learning to lean on Him at each turn has become something I look forward to doing.

What I wrote about yesterday held true. Last night’s wedding rehearsal was fun rather than a stressful time. This morning I will be giving a brief testimony to our audience as we prepare to sing a song which truly touches upon a struggle I’ve had all of my life. The song is Gaither’s “It Is Finished”. Only in recent years have I known the “battle has been won” for me.

Living in freedom doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t have any issues any longer. What it means is that when fears arise, anxiety want to take over, I believe the Holy Spirit when He reminds me I can let Him have them. I’ve never walked into a singing event like this one today where I look forward to it and there isn’t anxiety about telling a portion of my story. It is sheer gratitude I have today that I get to do this. How patient and merciful our Abba Father is.

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