Today will conclude this weekend marathon of activities and events. I can’t really explain the difference between times like this in the past, except I simply feel at peace. I’m emotionally exhausted from the morning event and the wedding, but instead of anxiety, I truly enjoyed it all and felt honored to be given the part I had in each. God is truly amazing as He continues to restore us.

The other amazing part of the wedding last evening was meeting people I didn’t think I knew at all to find I knew several of them from times past. The bride’s pastor and wife were people that went to college where I did and we knew so many folks in common. But what was more amazing, the pastor’s wife was a child in the church I attended all through college. Her parents are still friends I rarely see, but when I do, it is one of those where you simply pick up where you left off the last time. The reception was filled with opportunities like this.

I love how God works and it is fun to be part of them not carrying the past baggage I use to bring with me each and every time. Simply being a child of God who has a past is a new reality thanks to our Loving and Gracious Dad–Abba Father!

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