At the beginning of this year when I committed to living each day as a new creation, I was eager to do this. I had no idea what this commitment would develop into, but I knew I needed to be willing to address this and accept this challenge. One of my first big realities was accepting the truth that being a new creation doesn’t abolish our flesh and its influence on us. Being a new creation gives us the opportunity to use the gift of choice God has given to all of mankind. I’ve always wanted my flesh to be obliterated knowing that it was in flesh I was abused and I didn’t want to be an abuser who chose to use fleshly ways to hurt others. Life just doesn’t happen that way.

Growing into trusting what I don’t know and often can’t feel is a huge part of being a new creation. Walking into the unknown trusting all the while is a huge part of being the new creation. This is where I find myself these days.

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